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Introduction to different art mediums

I made a simple mobile phone holder using a router to cut out a slot joint.

Introduction to Clay…
I used a terracotta clay to make a box pot. I used a wire cutter to cut the clay then had to wedge it to ensure that there were no air bubbles. After rolling it out I cut 5 equally sized squares using a paper template and clay knife. Using a variety of tools, I etched designs into four of the five squares. Using clay slip I attached the four sides to the base and smoothed the join.

Plaster Casting
Using stoneware clay, I made a model tile. Using a plaster mix I was able to pour this into a handmade mould which resulted in a plaster cast of the original tile.

Wire Art/Sculpture
I studied wire artists such as David Oliveira, Martin Debenham and Elizabeth Berrien. This is my interpretation of a wire butterfly. I enjoyed this medium as it was easy and fast to manipulate.

Paper Art/Sculpture
I researched paper artists such as Yu Jordy Fu, Jeff Nishanaka and Parth Kothekar. I enjoyed looking at the different shapes that I could create and by cutting and folding and the effects of black and grey scale shading.

Paper architectural model
I designed and created my interpretation of a modern ‘tower block’ building as part of a project to regenerate a town centre. I had to cut and score the card to ensure that it would fold accurately without tearing.

I made a number of different patterns on paper using ink (and salt) in varying techniques. These designs were then placed on fabric and were transferred using a heat press.

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