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Surfing and the Olympic Park Legacy

Project type

3D Design


June 2024


Kingston upon Thames

Context: I had to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that I have acquired over two years on the course – BTEC Level 3 in Art and Design Practice: 3D Design at Kingston College. I had to select an area of 3D that reflected my specialist focus and interest: small, human, or large scale. The project had to be based on the Olympic Park.

I had an initial idea to link surfing to the Olympic Park as I wanted to design and make a model of a surfboard, so had to research about the Lee Valley Authority and the London Legacy Development Corporation. I additionally had to find out about when surfing was included as an Olympic sport.

I have designed a surfboard to be used specifically by elite surfers, training on the new ‘Wave’ that is being built in the Lee Valley on land owned and managed by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority who own 35% of the Olympic Park. The organisation also owns and manage the White-Water Centre, the Velodrome and the Hockey and Tennis Centre.

I have also made a model of ‘The Wave London’ which will offer a new purpose-built surfing lake - it will make London the first capital city in the world to offer an inland surfing destination. One of the biggest obstacles for surfing to be included in the Olympics for many years was in the event of a landlocked country hosting the games.

The London Legacy Development Corporations (LLDC) vision for the future management of the Olympic Park was that it should be “a world class destination combining the best of open space, conservation and sporting excellence.” The inclusion of ‘The London Wave’ and Surfing as a sport, honours this legacy.

I researched the history of surfboard design and surfboard technology and materials to understand the type of board that would be most suitable for use by elite surfers on a man-made lake. I visited a surfboard maker and shaper, Ben Davis, in North Devon and additionally spoke to Damon Beveridge, former English Junior Head-Coach for Surf England and now owner/Director of ‘Surfing Croyde Bay’ to understand exactly what I should focus on.

I was inspired to create a surfboard as surfing was only included as an Olympic Sport in 2020. The 2012 London Olympics did not include this, however, should London host the Olympics again, it would be able to host surfing as a sport as part of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority sporting portfolio.

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